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A book for company leaders and practical academics

Do you want to be a part of the flourishing SME segment? There is a huge potential. This is a book for the small companies that want to power up their organization and keep developing!

It is easy to get good advices. The real challenge is to implement plans in a busy workweek. This book investigates how to become successful by organizing and executing properly. It is a practical approach that shows you HOW to apply tools.

We explore how you include a different expertise into your team: the Practical Academic Approach (PAA). You need to understand the difference between analytical and operational skills. When you manage to adapt your approach, you will see ideas being executed at a higher success rate by motivated employees.

The Practical Academic Approach in small companies IS REAL and you can use it to make your company better than average.

Hands-on academics will also benefit by reading this book. It will show the right practical approach to join small companies – and if you succeed, it will be your shortcut for joining the Rockstar of tomorrow.


189 pages.


In English - written by Peter Gloggengiehser Knudsen.

The hidden potential in small ordinary companies

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